Work Title:
Wheel of Misfortune

Artist Statement:
The work is a light-hearted exploration of irony, misadventure and engaging in selfless behaviour without being repaid in kind (the very opposite of that, in fact!). Focusing on a single character, known only as Bearguy, the work alludes to the notion that many unfortunate things happen because the circumstances are beyond our control and we should stop attaching meanings to them unnecessarily. The works are arranged in a circular fashion in order to convey a sense of repetition and uncertainty, as it is impossible to predict when a run of bad luck will start or begin. Occasionally, one may even feel trapped in a never-ending cycle of misfortune. However, life does not merely consist of such events. The final, central image is meant to assure the viewer that Bearguy eventually gets some love, appreciation, and respite.

I was inspired by websites where strangers are able to share their bad experiences while remaining completely anonymous. Looking at the endless lists, it was hard not to imagine a scenario in which everything on a single page had happened to one particular person. This idea was then coupled with the observation that many of the entries had an air of irony about them. Hence, the decision to illustrate a series of unfortunate events in a humorous way.

In a way, it is meant to encourage people to laugh at themselves, and to laugh with those who are brave enough to entertain us with their misery.

(original size of work - 95cm x 95cm)

Project for Noise Singapore's The Apprenticeship Programme (TAP) 2011, under mentorship of Mas